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One-Day Lockdown Package

We use a site security walkthrough to create a tailored set of lockdown plans and procedures that are easily understood and followed so that you are competent in lockdown going forward.

An intensive one-day on-site programme that accelerates a Bursar's, Head's and SLT's understanding and ability of how to keep their school safe.

  • Site walk-through to assess best approach to site security and the ability to lockdown.

  • Advice to Bursar on cost-effective physical security enhancements possible, in the short and medium term

  • Review of current lockdown procedures and plans

  • Lockdown plan created by ex-police firearms commander

  • Briefing for Senior Leadership Team on lockdown plan and how it relates to the Critical Incident Pathway

  • Verbal debrief with Head


To find out more about our Integrated Security & Training Package call us on

020 34752953 or email

"The training session delivered in this package was extremely beneficial, the whole SLT found it really useful and thought provoking."


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