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Comprehensive Critical Incident Package - From Plan Writing to Live Simulation


An independent school located in Hampshire.


The school’s senior leadership felt that they, as a team, were not sure how they would respond to a traumatic incident and whether their existing plans would work.

They were recommended by another school to approach AI Schools to help them build their knowledge and capability.


A review of their existing plans and capabilities showed that despite a high level of preparedness their approach was very disjointed, with a low confidence in their ability to implement plans. 

After some preliminary work with the bursar to re-write the existing critical incident plan, slimming it down from 80 pages to 12, by focusing on activity that was absolutely necessary, rather than what-ifs, a single day for training was decided on.

A morning session provided training on critical incident management, including how to build and bring together a cohesive Incident Management Team, using tabletop scenarios for the newly formed Incident Management Team to get individuals familiar with their role and how to pull together from the outset.

The afternoon session required the participants to deal with a real-time immersive simulation of an “off-site” incident, where details of what happened and who was injured were confused and conflicting. 


The client fed back that the senior leadership were now confident in their critical incident plan and in their ability to implement it.

Individual feedback on the simulation exercise included the following comments:

“I thought the training was exceptional, with genuine challenge, stretch, meaningful engagement and difficulty, yet with plenty of learning opportunity.”

“An exceptionally good and useful training day that showed us how we need to react and work together in an incident.”

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