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Crisis Simulation

In a real crisis, even the best laid plans can sometimes fail because people underestimate the psychological pressures that suddenly have to be endured.

Once we have worked with a school to clarify and build their critical incident pathway and allowed people to rehearse their role via tabletop exercise, we then recommend they progress to a crisis simulation exercise.

A crisis simulation runs in real-time for 90 minutes and exposes people to these psychological pressures which distort and adversely impact a team’s ability to implement their plans under time pressure and in the face of extreme uncertainty. 

A structured de-brief then looks at how well the group and key individuals coped with information overload and explores how to avoid stress points in the future. 


Our crisis simulations are extremely demanding which enables participants to experience these psychological pressures for real and so preventing them de-railing the school’s ability to deal with a real incident in the future.  

From an in-depth review of existing plans and procedures, to a consultation to discuss the required training, to a real-time immersive simulation, AI Schools were able to support all members of the Senior Leadership Team with how to respond to a traumatic incident effectively.

“I thought the training was exceptional, with genuine challenge, stretch, meaningful engagement and difficulty, yet with plenty of learning opportunity.”

Crisis Simulation for an independent school in Wimbledon, South London 


To enquire about Crisis Simulation training for your school or college, call us on 020 3475 2953 or email

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