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AI Schools provided training on critical incident management, including how to build and bring together a cohesive Incident Management Team who also participated in a real-time immersive simulation of an “off-site” incident

Our Story

A Bursar wanted to complete the on-going SLT analysis and consultation on lockdown, synthesising this into a focused procedure.

Our case studies demonstrate how schools and colleges in the UK are using solutions from across our portfolio of services to help

A newly appointed Bursar wanted to enhance the security of the schools located in a rural location and open campus with extensive public rights of way. They approached AI Schools to undertake a security review and identify cost effective options to enhance the security profile.

“I thought the training was exceptional, with genuine challenge, stretch, meaningful engagement and difficulty, yet with plenty of learning opportunity.”

The simulation exercise fully tested all members of the Senior Leadership Team to act in a co-ordinated way across lower, middle and upper schools, with a repeat exercise has already been booked for the following year.

After taking part in a crisis simulation exercise, the school’s senior leadership team identified that they lacked the confidence and understanding of how to deal with intense media interest

A progressive and expanding trust wanted to standardise its approach to managing critical incidents.

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