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An independent school located in Wimbledon, South London


A newly appointed Head, having already worked with AI Schools, was keen to bring her top team up to speed in how to respond to a traumatic incident effectively and hit the ground running in dealing with a real incident.

AI Schools were tasked with planning and delivering a demanding simulation exercise.


The first step was to review the current plans and procedures to benchmark the existing approach and capability.

In consultation with the Bursar it was identified an initial training on critical incident management was needed, focusing on how to build and bring together a cohesive Incident Management Team. 

This was followed within 10 days by full a real-time immersive simulation of an “off-site” incident, where details of what happened and who was injured were confused and conflicting. 


The simulation exercise fully tested all members of the Senior Leadership Team to act in a co-ordinated way across lower, middle and upper schools, highlighting that existing plans were ignored as they were too complex and lengthy.

Gaps in capability were identified, particularly relating to communications, where a priority  follow-up action was for media training to be organised for later that term.

A repeat exercise has already been booked for the following year.

Individual feedback on the simulation exercise included the following comments:

“I thought the training was exceptional, with genuine challenge, stretch, meaningful engagement and difficulty, yet with plenty of learning opportunity.”

“An exceptionally good and useful experience that really showed us how we would react and work together in an incident.”

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