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Protect your pupils, staff and reputation

Focusing on what a school really needs 

To help build the safest possible environment for pupils and staff, we have worked closely with schools in the UK and Europe to develop a series of cost-effective solutions to suit all requirements – from small, single-site schools to large, multi-site facilities. 


Take a look at some of the most popular areas our clients want support on. Each package is delivered based on your school’s or college’s specific requirements. If you can’t find just what you need, please call us as we are always happy to build a cost-effective proposal for you.

Critical Incident Writing

Development and writing

of workable critical

incident plans and

procedures, including


One-Day Lockdown Package

A intensive on-site programme

that accelerates SLT’s understanding and ability to keep the school safe.

Small School Package

An intense one-day on-site programme for schools with less than 350 pupils that accelerates a Bursar’s understanding and ability to keep safe.

Critical Incident Training for SLTs

Professional development training for all members of SLT on how to manage critical incidents - delivered on-site or remotely. 

Critical Incident Writing
Critical Incident Training
Large & Multi School Trusts Packages
Media Coaching
Security Review
Small School Packages

Media Coaching

Enabling members of a

crisis team to cope with

intense media interest

during the initial stages of

a critical incident.

Security Review

A review of threats in your

locality; an assessment of

your current security profile

with a road map to fill

current and future gaps.

Security Review
Media Coaching

We Work With

Use our expertise to

protect your school,

personnel, and reputation

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