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Nisha Pillai is an accomplished former BBC news presenter, journalist and media trainer, who brings a wealth of expertise to AI Schools’ media training programme as an Associate.

Nisha became one of the main news anchors at BBC World News during her 25 year career at the BBC, where she reported extensively during the 9/11 attacks and the Iraq war and is well equipped to train schools on how to deal with intense media interest in the unfortunate event of a critical incident.

As an award-winning investigative journalist at Panorama, the BBC’s flagship current affairs programme, Nisha was awarded the Royal Television Society’s Award for her investigation into the late Robert Maxwell, which was broadcast a month before his death. She has since worked closely with several UN agencies, with scientific institutes such as CERN, and with industry events and conferences in the Finance, IT and Energy sectors.

During the valuable media training session run by AI Schools, Nisha will focus on understanding the media perspective, to help plan for difficult media questions, and how to prepare a message and remain “on message” during an interview, helping schools deliver a clear, concise and informative statement. Nisha will also provide practical guidance on how to prepare for and conduct recorded or live media interviews, focusing on confident body language and how to combat nerves.

Nisha Pillai

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