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Robin joined the UK Police in 1990 and undertook a wide variety of roles that encompassed patrol, investigation, riot control and covert operations. 

As a Fulbright Scholar, Robin attended the FBI academy researching Less Lethal technologies. Subsequently, Robin was promoted to the rank of Superintendent and oversaw an Operations & Major Incident Centre. As a designated critical incident & firearms commander, he gained an in-depth knowledge of and expertise in managing crises.

In 2005, Robin was seconded to the Foreign & Commonwealth Office, with responsibility for all aspects of diplomatic security in the Balkans. In this role, he provided direct support and guidance to international schools, whose standing and profile made them an extremely popular target for domestic and international terrorist organisations. Robin was instrumental in helping schools develop protocols to co-ordinate and integrate the personal security arrangements of pupils from high net worth families, subject to armed criminal threats including kidnap and assassination, while on school premise.

In 2010, Robin moved into commercial security, working for a number of global trading organisations where he continued to provide security advice and guidance to international schools where the children of employees on international postings were present. 

Robin Hamilton

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