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Dealing with a high school disturbance

Unfortunately, school disturbances are not a rare occurrence these days with more and more of these stories reaching the news. This often raises questions about what measures are in place to help build the safest possible environment for both pupils and staff. 


What is considered as a ‘disturbance’ can vary but how a situation is handled by your Senior Leadership Team can be planned. AI Schools offers professional development training on how to approach and manage the unexpected. 


The pressure to protect your school, personnel and reputation continues to increase, especially when according to NASUWT teaching union said an increase in "challenging" behaviour in schools across the country since the pandemic meant teachers were often having to intervene in fights between pupils and called for more to be done to protect staff.* 


AI Schools have worked with a range of schools within the UK and Europe to develop a series of cost-effective solutions to suit all requirements – from small, single sited schools to large, multi-site facilities, we specialise in designing a tailored set of lockdown and critical incident procedures as well as on-site training. We can help you eliminate fear and anxiety by being prepared. 



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