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Managing Critical Incidents in Schools: A Must-Attend Course for School Leaders

In the dynamic environment of educational institutions, being prepared for unexpected events is paramount. That's why AI Schools is thrilled to announce that Robin Hamilton will be leading a course hosted by the Independent Schools Association (ISA) which is specifically designed for school leaders: "Managing Critical Incidents in Schools."

This course is an invaluable opportunity for members of a school's Senior Leadership Team or anyone tasked with developing a critical incident policy.


Course Details

Date: 7 March 2024

Time: 9.30am – 3pm GMT

Venue: Via Zoom


This intensive one-day session is tailor-made for those who play a crucial role in maintaining the safety and continuity of their educational environment. The course delves into the anatomy of critical incidents, breaking them down into four key phases and providing a clear roadmap for management.


What You Will Learn

The course is structured to equip participants with the knowledge and skills to effectively navigate the complexities of critical incidents. Here's what the session will cover:


  • Critical Incident Pathway & Taking Control: An introduction to the critical incident pathway, the formation and role of a Critical Incident Management Team, and common pitfalls during the initial response phase, also known as the Golden Hour.


  • SLT as a Crisis Team: Insights into transforming a Senior Leadership Team into an effective Crisis Team, the nuances that differentiate the two, and practical strategies to initiate coordinated action while addressing common obstacles.


  • Scenario-Based Learning: Participants will engage with a dynamic scenario that unfolds through the four phases of a critical incident, providing a practical context to apply and analyse the concepts learned.


  • Developing a Concise Plan: Guidance on how to distil essential actions and strategies into a succinct, actionable critical incident plan of fewer than 20 pages.


Why Attend?

This course is not just another item on your professional development checklist. It's an investment in your school's resilience and preparedness. Under the guidance of Robin Hamilton, you'll gain insights that go beyond theoretical knowledge, equipping you with practical tools and strategies to lead your school confidently through any crisis.


Whether you're part of the senior leadership or responsible for crisis management, "Managing Critical Incidents in Schools" is an essential course that will enhance your ability to safeguard your school community when it matters most.


Don't miss this opportunity to elevate your crisis management skills and ensure your school is prepared for any critical incident.

Book now and join us on this comprehensive journey towards effective crisis management in schools:


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