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Martyn’s Law -  UPDATE

The government has issued a new consultation paper covering Terrorism (Protection of Premises) Bill which is known as Martyn’s Law and in these they have dropped several elements from the initial draft.


Key changes to note are:


  • All schools and educational establishments will be classified as Standard Tier, irrespective if pupil numbers exceed 800.

  • No requirement to complete an annual terrorism threat assessment for Standard Tier.

  • No requirement for staff to have specific security / terrorism training for Standard Tier.


There is however a doubling down on identifying a “Designated Individual” who will be responsible for ensuring that their school has a capability to implement shelter-in or lockdown procedures and that all staff have been trained in and practiced these.


The current period of consultation finishes on the 18th March 2024, with the expectation that it will then be rapidly passed into law.


Key to the above is proportionality and so if you would like support or guidance in how to develop simple and workable emergency procedures in your school or how to signal their activation we can help.

If you require Crisis Incident Training or Critical Simulation training for your school, contact our dedicated team on 01983 564 917 or email


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