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Protect your school, personnel and reputation

Professional development training for all members of an SLT in how to manage critical incidents – delivered in person or remotely.

Critical Incident Training for SLTs

Professional development

training for all members of an SLT in how to manage critical incidents – delivered in person or remotely

Critical Incident Plan


Development and writing of workable critical

incident plans and procedures, including lock downs..



A security profile review, incorporating a terrorism evaluation to meet the mandatory requirements of Martyn’s Law and delivery of protection training to staff. 

Security Review


A review of threats in your locality; an assessment of your current security profile with a road map to fill current and future gaps.

Media Coaching

Enabling members of a crisis team to cope with intense media interest during the initial stages of a critical incident.

Security & Critical

Incident Specialists


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Protect your school, personnel, and reputation

One day package

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