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Martyn's Law: What You Need to Know

On 2nd May 2023, the Government published a new draft legislation, known as Martyn’s Law, or the draft Terrorism (Protection of Premises) Bill, which looks to enhance public security against potential future terrorist attacks. 

Although Martyn’s Law has not yet been passed, it is strongly supported, so in anticipation, we wanted to address what this proposed legislation would mean, particularly as schools across England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland, are currently in scope. 

What is Martyn's Law? 

Martyn’s Law aims to improve public safety, by mandating some minimum national security standard and reduce the risk to the public from terrorist attacks when attending public venues and events. 

It comes as result of the public enquiry into the Manchester Arena bombing which caused numerous deaths and casualties.   

The law will require robust, proportionate, and consistent measures are in place at publicly accessible venues to improve security and so deter possible future attacks.  

What does Martyn's Law mean for schools? 

If Martyn’s Law is passed it will place a requirement on those responsible for educational premises to consider the threat of terrorism and implement appropriate preventative measures.  

The legislation will require those responsible to be prepared, ready to respond and know what to do in the event of an attack. Including raising awareness and cascading information to staff.

The aim is to ensure staff are better prepared to respond quickly to evolving situations, aware of what processes they should follow, able to make rapid decisions and carry out actions that will save lives. This could be as simple as locking doors to delay attackers progress and access, whilst guiding staff and customers to alternative exits. It could also enable lifesaving treatment to be administered by staff, whilst awaiting the arrival of emergency services.   

This should be achieved through clearer processes, training and adequate security systems. 

How will Martyn’s Law be enforced?    

An inspection will be carried out to educate, advise and ensure compliance with the requirements. A regulator will also have the power to issue penalties for non-compliance.   

AI Schools are ready to support your school 

Aldbury International Schools specialise in designing tailored and easy to follow critical incident procedures and our experienced team is able to fully support you in preparing for and complying with Martyn’s Law. 

We can conduct a security review of threats in your locality and provide Critical Incident Training for SLTs, developing skills to manage critical incidents effectively. 

Our team is adept at testing your critical incidents plans, designing a simple tabletop run-through, or a live exercise which includes handling calls from distressed parents and press enquiries in real time, with a full debrief afterwards. To build safe environments for pupils and staff from small, single-site schools to large, multi-site facilities. 

If you have any concerns how Martyn's Law will affect your school, get in touch with our expert team on 01983 564 917 or email 


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